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Greece History Timeline


6500 BC- 5500 BC  First  farming settlements found in northern Greece.


2200 BC  Indo-Europeans enter the mainland and settle in the Peloponnese.


1700 BC  The Minoan civilization, reached its height with central power on the isle of Crete.


1200 BC  The end of Mycenaean civilization.


1150 BC  Troy finally fell to Greece


1100 BC  Greece invaded by Dorians. Beginning of  Dark Age


1000 BC  Ionian immigration to Anatolia


800 BC    End of dark age and beginning of Archaic period.


800 BC- 700 BC  Aristocratic Republics take place of Monarchies.


776 BC  First Olympic games held in Greece


750 BC   Greek poet Homer writes Iliad and Odyssey.


650 BC   Corinth ruled by the tyrants.


621 BC   Draco's code of law


508 BC    Cleisthenes ruled Athens and introduced democracy.


490 BC First Persian invasion of Greece, the Battle of Marathon.


480 BC   Second Persian invasion of Greece, Spartans are defeated at Thermopylae, Athens is invaded by the Persians.


480 BC  The Persians are finally defeated at Salamis.


448 BC  Persians and Athenians halt fighting. Peace of Kallas


432 BC The Parthenon in Athens is finished


431 BC  Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens. Sparta defeats Athens


404 BC Athenian trade was harmed and democracy was overthrown


371 BC  Thebes under Epaminondas defeats Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra


338 BC  Philip of Macedon conquered the country


336 BC  Alexander the Great takes over the throne of Macedonia and all of Greece


333 BC  Alexander defeated Darius, King of Persia, at the battlefield of Issus


332 BC  Alexander the Great invaded Egypt


323 BC  Alexander died in Persia at Babylon at the age of 32.


197 BC  The Romans defeated  Macedonians in several battles


146 BC  Greece became a part of  Roman Empire


324 AD  Byzantium (Istanbul) founded by Constantine the Great


455 AD  End of Roman Empire


654 AD  The Arabs invaded Rhodes


1346  King Stefano's IX of Serbia declared himself czar of Greece.


1460  The Ottomans conquered southern Greece.


1523   Rhodes falls to Ottoman Turks.


1687    Venetians regained control of Athens from the Turks


1821    Greece gained independence from Turkey. March 28


1834     Athens becomes the new capital


1878  British begins to  rule Cyprus


1896   The first modern Olympic Games held in Athens


1922   Turkish troops under Mustafa Kemal invaded Smyrna (Izmir)


1923  The exchange of Greek and Turkish populations


1924   Greece becomes  republic


1935   Monarchy comes back


1936   General Metaxas appointed prime minister by king, establishes quasi- fascist dictatorship.


1940   Mussolini's attack to Greece from Italian-held Albania is repelled.


1941 Germany invade Greece and King George II and government flee to Egypt


1941 British army evacuates Greece


1944  German army retreated from Athens.


1944  With backing from Britain, Georgios Papandreou is made prime minister.


1946 - 1949   Civil War. Royalist parties win elections and restore monarchy.


1952  General Papagos elected as leader of the government. New constitution announces Greece a parliamentary democracy with a monarch as head of state


1964 King Constantine II comes after his father, Paul.


1967   Colonels  took power in a bloodless military coup. George Papadopoulos becomes prime minister.


1973  Greece declared a republic, the monarchy is abolished.


1973   President George Papadopoulos was exiled in a bloodless military coup led by police chief Brigadier Dimitris Ioannides.


1980  Karamanlis elected president.


1993  Papandreou regained power after the elections.


2002  Greece start to use Euro instead of drachma.


2004  Conservative New Democracy party led by Costas Karamanlis wins general election


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