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Turkey Travel & Tour Packages Morocco Travel & Vacation Packages Dubai Travel & Tour Packages Highlights of Turkey Tour,       9 days, starting at  749$.     Cairo Stopover Package,        4 days, starting at  285$. Morocco Imperial Cities Tour, 8 days, starting at  520$           ---------------------------------------Anatolia Travels offer finest Jordan travel and tour packages.  For best travel deals and superb service in private and guided Jordan tours, Amman hotels, luxury vacation packages, desert safaris & adventure tours, Amman Petra tours, Wadi Rum camel and horse riding, religious escorted tours, Jordan cultural tours,  resorts in Aqaba  and for all your inquires call our Vancouver office USA / Canada toll free 1-888-99999 or consult your travel agency today!
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Jordan History Timeline


6th -4 th Century BC  Nabateans settled in Jordan


106  Nabatae, whose capital was Petra, absorbed by Roman Empire.


333  Alexander the Great destroyed Jordan on his way to Egypt


662  Jordan was conquered by Muslim Arabs and comes under control of  the Ummayad empire.


1037  Seljuk Turks begin to rule Jordan


1250  The Mamlukes, slave soldiers, seized control of the Egyptian Sultanate and ruled until 1517


1517  Ottoman Turks conquered Jordan.


1880  Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine were part of Syria under Ottoman rule.


1923  Britain recognized Transjordan with Abdullah as its leader


1946  Transjordan (now Jordan) gained independence from Britain and became a kingdom.


1948  Thousands of Palestinians flee Arab-Israeli fighting to West Bank and Jordan


1951  King Abdullah Ibn Hussein was assassinated in Jerusalem by a  Palestinian fanatic


1952  Hussein proclaimed king after his father.


1957  British troops complete their withdrawal from Jordan.


1958  King Hussein dissolved the Arab Federation of Jordan and Iraq.


1967  Israel takes control of Jerusalem and West Bank during Six-Day War


1970  Major fights break out between government forces and Palestinian guerrillas.  The Black September crises left 2,000 people dead in 13 days of fighting.


1974  King Hussein recognises PLO as sole legitimate representative of Palestinian people.


1986   Jordanís government shut down all offices of al-Fatah, the mainstream group in the divided Palestine Liberation Organization.


1988   Hussein publicly supports the Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule.


1994  Jordan signs peace treaty with Israel, ending 46-year official state of war. Bill Clinton attended the ceremonies


1997  Most political parties boycotted the  parliamentary poll in November


1999  King Hussein passes away on 7 February. More than 50 heads of state attend his funeral. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Abdullah.


2003  First parliamentary elections under King Abdullah II. Allies of the King win more than half of the seats.


2007 First local elections since 1999. The Islamist Action Front - the main opposition party- withdraws after accusing the government of vote-rigging.


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