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Morocco History Timeline


49 BC   Mauretania (now northern Morocco and Algeria) ruled by kingdom of Rome.


439  Barbarian incursions forced the legions to withdraw the Romans from Mauretania.


600-700  Arab invasion; Idris founds the first major Muslim dynasty. 


1070  The 8 gates of Marrakech, Morocco, were built


1269  The capital was moved north to Fez


1492  Jews began migrating to Morocco from Spain


1787  Morocco became the first country to recognize the US as an independent nation.


1884  Spain creates a protectorate in coastal areas of Morocco.


1912  Morocco becomes a French protectorate under the Treaty of Fez,


1912  Spain continues to operate its coastal protectorate.


1956  French protectorate ends after strong nationalist  reaction. Spain keeps its two coastal enclaves.


1957  Sultan Mohammed becomes king 


1961  Death of King Mohammed.  King Hassan II comes to power.


1971   A rebellion against King Hassan at the Skhirat palace failed. Almost 100 guests were killed. The rebellion leaders were publicly executed three days later.


1975  Morocco occupied Western Sahara. King Hassan ordered 350,000 civilian unarmed Moroccans on a "Green March" to the former Spanish Sahara


1975  Spain agrees to leave Spanish Sahara and to leave it to joint Moroccan-Mauritanian control.


1976  Moroccan and Algerian troops fight in Western Sahara.  Morocco and Mauritania shared Western Sahara.


1983  King Hassan and Algerian president meets and soften their relations.


1985  Pope John Paul II visited the country and issued his first  statement for Christian-Islamic solidarity


1998  Morocco's first opposition-led government comes to power


1999  King Hassan II died at age 70. He was succeeded by his son, King Mohammed VI


2004  Free trade agreement with the US comes into effect.


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